The Canadian Private Copying Collective

Manufacturers and importers of blank audio recording media must submit reports and payments to the CPCC for media sold. The scope and nature of the information reported, along with the reporting schedule, is defined by the Copyright Board of Canada.

Reporting periods are two month periods, beginning with January-February. Manufacturers and importers must report the type of media, brands and quantities sold. Reports and payments are due no later than the last day of the month following the end of a period. For example, reports for the January-February reporting period are due by March 31st.

More detailed information about how to report is available in the Manufacturers and Importers section – Reporting Obligations subsection of this website.

Period Report Due Date
January – February March 31
March – April May 31
May – June July 31
July – August September 30
September – October November 30
November – December January 31
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