The Canadian Private Copying Collective

As there is no way to know exactly what music is copied in the privacy of Canadian homes, distribution of the private copying levies is based on representative samples of radio airplay and album sales, which are given equal weight in the distribution.   Together the radio airplay and album samples provide a proxy for determining the music that Canadians copy for private use.

While songwriters and music publishers are eligible to receive private copying royalties regardless of nationality, only Canadian recording artists and record companies may receive payments under current law. In accordance with the Copyright Board of Canada’s decisions, the levies collected have been allocated as follows:


 20002001-20072008-2009 2010-2017 2018-2019
Eligible Authors and Publishers75.0 %66.0 %60.1 %58.2 %58.2 %
Eligible Performers13.7 %18.9 %22.6 %23.8 %23.8 %
Eligible Record Companies11.3 %15.1 %17.3 %18.0 %18.0 %

For more detailed information on the distribution process click here: Distribution FAQ

On July 17th  2013, the Copyright Board published “Regulations Establishing the Periods Within Which Eligible Authors, Eligible Performers and Eligible Makers not Represented by Collective Societies Can Claim Private Copying Remuneration“.  For more information please click here.

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