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Zero-Rating Program
The Zero-Rating Program for Buyers

The CPCC has established the Zero-Rating Program to permit organizations that qualify for the program to purchase media “zero-rated” or levy free.   Buyers are required to be certified in advance by the CPCC and to purchase from a CPCC-authorized seller.

Who can buy media levy-free?

Following is a list of the types of organizations that can qualify to join the Zero-Rating Program as buyers:

  • advertising agencies
  • broadcasters
  • conference and training companies
  • courts, tribunals and court reporters
  • duplication facilities
  • educational institutions
  • firms duplicating audio and data for business
  • government departments
  • law enforcement agencies
  • medical institutions
  • the music, film and video industries
  • religious organizations
  • software companies
  • technology companies
  • telemarketing firms

Buyers who wish to participate must complete an online application and pay an annual fee. All applications are subject to the CPCC’s approval.

Terms of the Zero-Rating Agreement for Buyers include:

  • Buyers are required to guarantee that no blank media purchased under the program will be acquired for personal use, sold, rented or distributed to any third party.
  • Buyers are required to guarantee that zero-rated media will not be used for any unauthorized copying of music.
  • The certificate number issued to each registered buyer must be used each time media is acquired zero-rated.
  • All registered buyers are required to report annually to the CPCC the quantities and source(s) of any media purchased under the program
  • All registered buyers are subject to audit by the CPCC. The CPCC may request copies of invoices, or may conduct on-site audits of purchase records.

Zero-Rating Program Tip sheet for BUYERS 2011

Applying to the Zero-Rating Program

The Three Step Application process:

1) Fill in the online application (approximately 10 to 15 minutes).

2) Make payment:

  • $60 (plus appropriate taxes) for for-profit organizations
  • $15 (plus appropriate taxes) for non-profit organizations

3) Respond to email requests with appropriate information (applicants will be asked to verify their email address and provide faxed evidence).

4) If your application is approved by CPCC, you will receive a signed contract from CPCC, and a certificate number to be used each time media is acquired  royalty free.  To find out the status of your application, go to the CPCC website ( and follow the links to “CPCC’s zero-rating program” where you will be invited to enter your temporary application number to get an update on your application’s status.

5) If your application is not accepted, you will receive an e-mail from CPCC, which will specify any deficiency(ies) in your application.  If you wish to pursue the application further, you will need to provide or correct the specified information within ten business days.  If no response is received from you within the ten business days, any payment you may have made will be refunded.  If you wish to re-apply after the ten days have elapsed, you will need to complete a new application.

Using the Zero-Rating Program

Once your application has been processed, you will be notified via email if you have been approved and supplied with your Zero-Rating Certificate Number. To make a levy free purchase, the certificate number must be presented to a registered zero-rating distributor and must be valid on the date of purchase.

For a list of registered zero-rating distributors, please click here.

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